Meet Sadie Jordan, a freelance illustrator and nail artist from London. We interviewed her about one of her recent projects ‘Beauty and the Braid’, celebrating Afro textured hair.

Name: Sadie Jordan
Age: 22
Occupation: Nail artist and freelance illustrator

What is Beauty and the Braid about?
Beauty and the braid is a therapeutic colouring book celebrating women of colour through illustrations of different hairstyles and textures.
When did you decide to start this project and why?
I started this project during the final year of my BA Fashion Illustration course at London college of fashion. When I was in primary school I always used to make magazines, comic books and colouring pages so making a more mature and meaningful colouring book seemed like a natural
progression for my final major project. Once the book was completed, I felt as if I had come full circle as a creative.
Do you think that black/afro hair is represented enough in the media?
I think there has definitely been an increase in the amount of representation Black/Afro hair receives in mainstream media. Most obviously since the new vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful has taken over from Anna Wintour. It is refreshing to myself more accurately reflected in fashion and beauty advertisements. I welcome the diversification and hope it continues to progress this way.
How do you think this colouring book will impact the next generation?
I believe my colouring book is suitable for any age group and can inspire WOC (women of colour) to embrace their natural hair textures and also provide them with ideas to try new braided hairstyles that they’ve yet to wear. I don’t want girls to feel as if straightened and relaxed hair is the key to beauty in the western world. How you style your hair should be an autonomous self-expression and make you feel confident and beautiful. In the words of Chidera Eggerue —We’re not here to please anyone else but ourselves. In addition to this, I put in positive quotes in the book that I chose from various influential people to help uplift whoever needs it. And the final element of the colouring book that makes it unique are the mandalas. Specifically put into my book to de-stress the user but also made by drawing over single strands of synthetic hair to link them on with the theme of my book. I am hoping to get the book published in the near future
to help women on their journey of self acceptance.