We are a platform that primarily focuses on the empowerment and uplifting of young creatives. We love collaborating with and featuring people that have great ideas or would simply like to just share their work with us, to showcase on our social media channels and website. We aim to bring to you a wider audience, which will hopefully help to create more opportunities for you all within the creative industry. We have ensured that Hoezine is accessible, especially for those from marginalised groups (e.g. women, working-class, Black, Asian, Indigenous and People of Colour, Disabilities, LGBTQIA+) to partake.

The idea of Hoezine started from conversations with friends about prevalent issues in society that affect us all through racism, prejudice, and discrimination. We wanted to share our thoughts with people and create topics of conversations to educate and be educated. With all of us merging from creative backgrounds, we also made Hoezine our stepping stone to get into the creative scene, because we were people with great ideas, but no platform to share them with. Now our platform has grown into something bigger than we’ve ever imagined and we get to share something so amazing with all of you.

If you want to work with us, collaborate with us, or simply be featured on our page, send an email to submissions@hoezine.com, and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can!

With love,