TOMS and Happiness Project know the life- changing power of mental health. That’s why they came together to create a collection of footwear and apparel that celebrates and encourages care for mental health. The limited- edition collection offers key elements from both brands and merges them together seamlessly for an optimistic, co-branded offering of footwear, apparel and accessories. For footwear, the Alp and Fenix are reimagined in the iconic Happiness Project colorways tying in the two brands’ signature looks. The apparel and accessories feature elements like the Happiness Project smiley logo and the classic TOMS blue.

The collection will support boosting mental health by sharing resources like The Mix, the UK’s leading digital support service for young people. They are here to help you take on any challenge you’re facing, including your mental health. Talk to them via their online community, social, free, confidential helpline, or counseling service.

The collection is available online with prices ranging from £50-65. Check it out at www.toms. com or www.happinessproject.com.


Since 2017, Happiness Project has been committed to ending the stigma behind mental health, while donating 15% of profits to mental health charities.

Our mission is to elevate happiness throughout the world, while supporting those impacted by mental health issues. No one has to go through their journey alone. Our brand strives to show the world that it’s okay to not be okay. We hope the encouragement from our fun-loving community gives everyone the strength to do what makes them happy.


TOMS has always been in business to improve lives. Since 2006, our community has had an impact on over 100,000,000 lives through support for the work of non-profit organisations all around the world.

Today, we operate with an evolved giving model, committing 1/3 of our profits in support of people who are working to build equity at the grassroots level, like organisations at the heart of their communities, driving progress from the ground up.

And because we believe in a future where all people have a chance to thrive, our support is focused
on boosting mental health, increasing access to opportunity, and ending gun violence in the US – all elements we know to be essential for progress to take root.