By Bethan Dadson

This particular subject matter has been playing on my mind for a while, and despite not wanting to write a negative piece on another black woman in the public eye – enough is enough. Rather than being slander, this piece will focus upon a certain “feminist” influencer feeding out badly informed opinions and advice to her followers.

I’m writing this piece to tell you that The Slumflower is not a feminist. She is an opportunist.

Chidera Eggerue, commonly known as The Slumflower, is a self-proclaimed feminist from Peckham. She is known for creating the movement #SaggyBoobsMatter. A hashtag allowing women from all ages, sizes, shapes and races to proudly post images of their breasts despite not necessarily looking like the unrealistic, perky, rounded, scar-free symmetrical breasts that society perpetuates as perfect. The movement has taught women worldwide to love their bodies in all stages.

However, as of recently, The Slumflower has been trending on social media but for rather different reasons. She has caused much controversy after providing extremely bad relationship advice to young women feeding into her balderdash and taking it as Gospel. On Instagram, an anonymous woman had wrote to The Slumflower:​“ ​ I got one, what about I’m [in] a relationship with a guy for a year now and we love each other and he pays for dates when he can, treats me amazingly but he is a broke student currently (completing a 2 year masters) so we do split often. This is my first relationship where I’ve paid for things in split it is more regularly as he doesn’t have the time to work as he does a medical masters degree. Have a [sic] set the foundation we will split everything forever?”

To which she responded:

“Get a new boyfriend. There are richer, cuter, more successful, funnier, more romantic, far more interesting guys out there if you widen your network. But you’re already attached to him and I can sense a lot guilt here so you’re definitely going to stay anyway. Have fun on the bill splitting and protecting his pocket, the precedent has already been set. Good luck sis.”

Although it’s easy to block, mute and ignore The Slumflower it’s difficult knowing that there’s a swarm of New Generation Feminists that will take her blunt advice at face value. Feminism is about “​the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes ​ .” It is about incorporating intersectionality and…
! ​The Slumflower’s advice is not only dense, but rather assumes that relationships are not of value when the man isn’t the primary breadwinner. It’s concerning that the young woman had to question why she was splitting bills, despite understanding her partner’s financial situation.

The reason why I believe that The Slumflower is an opportunist, rather than a feminist is primarily because she has never rooted for the equality of the sexes. She has never cared about men and their mental health. One time she stated that men committing suicide was none of her concern. , Despite this, The Slumflower was involved in the London Mayor’s knife crime prevention campaign “London Needs You Alive”. This clear juxtaposition conveys the epitome of an opportunist, taking advantage of opportunities as and when they arise.

Many young men result to gang violence or subsequently end up committing suicide due to feeling that they cannot live up to the unrealistic standards social media perpetuates about wealth. In today’s modern society, social media plays an active role in our day-to-day lives – shaping our opinions and views, with many users buying into things without even realising.

I have personally known many men to drop out of education so their primary focus can be on gang related activities with the aim of making money fast – and this very thinking is due to the radical ideologies social media encourages regarding shaming young men for not being financially stable.

For the anonymous young woman that shared her story on Instagram, your boyfriend works hard and clearly loves you, and purely because he wants to split the bill for a meal that YOU also ate, you are desperately running to The Slumflower for
ignorant advice? The very same woman that claimed “Intelligent women with foresight and strategy don’t marry for love in this useless patriarchy anymore?” Do better.

As the founder of HOEZINE, our brand is about empowerment for everyone. ​We want to stand by those who are vulnerable or impacted by the injustices ingrained in our society, and we fight for equal opportunities for all. So to see someone​ like The Slumflower – whose brand is ironically also about empowerment – promote such a toxic mentality is such a shame. If you claim to be a feminist, you should not be blindly following The Slumflowers ideologies – she’s creating a sub-movement in the name of feminism and it’s corrupting the minds of young women.