Championing its long history spanning two centuries, New Era’s latest collection turns back the clock


Since 1920, New Era has been handcrafting the finest headwear in the world. Today, with apparel and accessories lines, the brand is a market leader rooted in sports and an influencer of street and lifestyle culture around the globe. With over 500 licenses in its portfolio, New Era is the brand of choice in the worlds of sport, fashion, music and entertainment. The Company is headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., and its products are sold in more than 80 countries. For more information on New Era’s global offices and partnerships, visit and social channels @neweraeurope.   


As part of New Era’s MAKE IT YOURS fall campaign, the world’s number one headwear brand explores the lives of emerging creatives, artists, and athletes from across Europe. The new series looks outside the hustle of the big European capitals to find unique perspectives of what life is like for creators in different suburbs and cities trying to make it big while discovering the sights and sounds that shape a place and its people.

Visiting five countries across Europe, New Era meets Manchester-based creative Virginia Ben, American football Wide Receiver Leo Sarteel from eastern France in Thonon-Les-Bains, Hamburg-based rap collective Bando Babys, Omaigold from the suburbs of Madrid, and finally illustrator Weel Lee from Gallarate in northern Italy. 

Showcasing New Era’s latest seasonal fall collection, each creator explores the local scenes in their hometowns, how it’s impacted their rising success, the struggles they’ve faced along the way, and finally what advice they would have for followers just starting their journey. 

Cazawiya Bl Wrak AKA Omaigold is a Spanish rap artist from the suburbs of Madrid. She fuses elements of old-school American hip-hop with Spanish, French, English, and Arabic lyrics to create a unique sound that ties all her cultural influences into one explosive combination. Omaigold has roots in Morocco but has been living across Europe most of her life, so she has been able to gain a distinct perspective that she shares through her music and content. Omaigold’s music is hard to define and put in a box, she prefers to create her art and let those listening decide what they think and feel when they hear it. 

Ben is a Manchester-based artist who is known locally for his unique abstract artwork which has taken over various stores, graffiti spots, and objects across the city. Ben has a broad spectrum of artwork in his catalogue and regularly moves between different mediums such as murals, clothing, and digital art. Otherwise known as FVB (From Virginia Ben), he states that “art is everything to him” and explains how his art forms a major part of his everyday life. Much of Ben’s artistic inspiration comes from Manchester, the city he was raised in. The creative history of the city and its working-class roots have given Ben the spark that he needs to pursue his creative career as an artist. 

Hailing from Thonon-Les-Bains in Eastern France, Leo Sarteel is an American football player and lifestyle content creator. Raised in a region known for its association with the sport, Leo plays for his hometown team, the Thonon Black Panthers. The passion that Leo has for American football comes from his upbringing in Thonon while away from the football field Leo likes to take a different approach to life; he prefers peaceful environments where he can be at one with himself, have fun with friends, and relax.

Making their mark in Hamburg’s rap scene, German hip-hop collective Bando Babys consists of Maxime, Lenny Phantom, Baby Franky, Bandobabylevin, ILAV and Abutelly. The six grew up in different neighbourhoods across the city with each bringing their own cultural influences into the mix which is reflected through their lyrics and sounds. Celebrating their newly released EP To The Moon in July 2022, and with appearances at local clubs or open-air gigs, Bando Babys are riding the wave.

Being new to the scene, they are proud of what they have achieved over a short space of time which has been built without external help. It allows the group to grow organically, at their own pace, and choose their collaborators freely.

Weel Lee is an artist from Gallarate, a small city near Milan in the Lombardy region. He is an illustrator and cartoon artist whose work has a distinct anime look and feel to it. Weel Lee creates lifelike characters and places them in surreal outfits and environments. Amongst his inspirations, Weel Lee calls out the guidance given to him by his older brother who he says used to always draw when they were younger, he also draws inspiration from the cartoons he used to watch as a kid which has now influenced the type of illustrations which he creates.


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