By Nisha-Paris Murria

Now that we have reached the peak of summer and COVID- 19 restrictions have been removed (FINALLY); we can all go out and enjoy ourselves, which means wearing what you have always wanted to wear to bars/clubs or even restaurants.

If you are someone like me and have always followed fashion trends, and have become a bit stuck as to what to wear in your new-found freedom days, I have 6 MAJOR fashion trends that have made a mark in the SS’ 2021 to discuss! So, don’t fret and let me sort out your fashion frets.

1. Bold Shoulder/The Puffy shoulder

I love this trend, as I have purchased one of these tops from Zara. However, when I first got the crisp white top, I did not think that it would suit me as the shoulder just looked odd (obviously it wasn’t on a model), therefore, the shoulders weren’t giving any structure to the top. Yet, when I tried the top on, I loved how it looked, the shoulders of the top ballooned and gave the outfit structure, plus the top looked really classy and you could honestly wear it with anything. I will of course have to buy me some more puffy sleeved tops in many other different colours as I believe this is a staple in any individuals wardrobe. The top makes any outfit look put together, even if you are just wearing a classic pair of jeans and trainers!

Picture credit: Glamour

2. Wide legged trousers

Now that summer has come and gone and it’s a little bit breezier outside, wide legged trousers are the best way to combat looking stylish while also making sure that you are cool when you go out. Wide legged trousers are available in different colours such as the monotone colours (grey, black, white) and bright colours, such as pink, blue and yellow! You’ll look great if you’re scared of getting out of your tracksuit bottoms as they have the same silhouette as them.

Plus, bonus points; the length of the trouser won’t attract passers-by to look at what you are wearing on your feet, cue going out in sliders!

Picture credit: Glamour

3. Fashionable Face Masks

If like me you’re a bit wary of going out and still intend to wear a mask, then that’s okay as this fashion trend will be just for you. If you want to look fabulously stylish, but still feel comfortable within your environment, why not match your face mask with what you’re wearing! So many online shops and small businesses are selling masks which may match the patterns of your outfit!

Picture credit: Glamour

4. Cycling Shorts

Now, this trend is my personal favourite as it seems like cycling shorts come in and out of fashion; but this summer I believe that they have come back by STORM! They not only go with everything (sweaters, tops, bucket hats), but are available in multiple colours and patterns. They give you an athleisure feel to your outfit, which makes you feel amazing as it rockets your self-esteem, plus you can eat what you want in them as they are made from Lycra, a very stretchy material. I love this trend, and I hope it stays in fashion!

5. Crocs

Even though I am personally not a wearer of Crocs or a believer that Crocs should have been revived by Balenciaga back in 2017, I have to admit, Crocs have come back into fashion in 2021. From the likes of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber wearing the Croc, maybe they are the shoe of the summer, (cue to me weeping). Whether you are out and about in the supermarket in your trackies, or wandering round central London in socks and Crocs, you are definitely doing something right!

Photo credit: Vogue

6. Nostalgia/Y2K

With the success of Tik Tok and the fascination of Polaroid film camera’s, there is no wonder why 2K fashion has come back into trend this past year. Many people have been reminiscing on their childhood days; and along with that many clothing companies/makeup brands have released their version of nostalgia. From the Lizzie Maguire range at Colourpop to the Groovy Chicks collab with ASOS, many brands have been profiting off of people’s nostalgic memories.

Alongside that, many celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Britney Spears have all been seen wearing rings, or fashionably styled outfits that were reminiscent of the 2000’s.

You could even suggest that online vintage clothing brands like Depop may also be responsible for this trend to come back as the clothes on the clothing site are very nostalgic but are also very cheap.

Plus, I have seen many TikToks and Instagram reels styling film outfits from the early 2000’s (Mean Girls and 13 Going on 30). This also might have caused the boom of outfits from the 2000’s to come back into trend.

Photo credit: MSN

So here are the 6 MAJOR fashion trends which I think encapsulate the SS of 2021, let’s see how many you follow or are going to be following this summer!